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Karatepe is located in Taurus Mountains about 140 km north of Adana in Southern Turkey. The site is famous with the late Hittite Citadel that dates back to the 8th cent. B.C. King Asatiwatas ruled there and the famous bilingual (Hittite Hieroglyphics and Phonecian Cuneiform) inscription found there helped epigraphs to decipher the Hittite language. It is also in the vicinity of ancient Hierapolis-Kastabala, one of the many ancient cities in ancient Cilicia.

The inhabitants of the Karatepe region are the members of Yörük, Avşar and Türkmen (Turcoman ) tribes. Their economy mainly depends on sheep and goat herding. Thus, comes kilim weaving tradition. However the motifs they use on their kilims are from much older times.

Each kilim is hand-woven by villagers! All items used are 100% natural: no artifical dyes, no synthetics!
They are made to last many years and are famous collectible items as they add to their value in time!

Own a piece of traditional art and enjoy the warmth of thousands of years old traditional designs.